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This week's interest rate range, for a Conventional 30 year fixed mortgage, from lowest and highest from various retail lender offers:
3.500% (3.642% APR)* or $1,437.00 PMI p. mo. to 4.125% (4.145% APR)* or $1,551.00 PMI p. mo. Based on $320,000 purchase home loan amt. in CA. $400,000 purchase price with 20% down ($80,000), & 740+ FICO.
*These are the "published" rates quoted for the "ideal" qualified borrower and reflect their "best rate" on 30 year mtg. term. Your rate will probably be different even if you were able locked at the time of this quote, because each borrower is different. Rates change daily, and are subject to the individual borrower's credit history and their specific needs and loan program. Jaren Dahlstrom, Your CA Mortgage Advisor shops "wholesale" rates, from many lenders and are very compeditive. Please know you will received the best rate you are qualified for and the lowest I can find. Rates change daily and these rates are what was publicly reported as of this week on the internet. We are providing them here for educational purposes only as guide to track the rate trend.

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Our 3% down is lower than FHA's and you get a fantastic Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac home mortgage! Low rate & APR, 30 year term, and a fixed rate, which floats until locked. Please note that FHA as government insured loan usually has a lower interest rate, but may have a higher MI costs for those loans with less than 20% down payment. However, my lender will provide a "lender approval" and "lock your loan rate" at the same time and you shop for a home and avoid future rate hikes, while finding your new home with either home loan. However, if rates should go down when your offer is accepted you will get the lower rate. Please note that typically this type of loan is based on a 90-day lock rate, which is higher than the typical 30-day lock. A win/win/win (low down/lock & shop) for you the borrower, what is not to like. This is the Conventional 3% Down Payment - Home Possible & Home Ready Loan Programs! Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance Is Also Available. Also, we have the lowest Borrower Paid MI in the industry. These program are changing in July 2019 from100% AMI (area's median income) to 80% AMI and no income limit areas are going away for 3% and 5% down payment programs! As always programs are subject to change and not always with notice!





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 Welcome to California Mortgage Advisor's website, your one stop source to get qualified and apply for a home loan and your souce of informtion regarding various mortgage products and loan programs available from lenders, the federal, state and local governments. We offer low and no down payment programs, with low interest rates. There is a broad spectrum of home loans, terms, and assistance options available to today's home buyer. This site is designed to help educate real estate professionals and home buyers understand the complexities of financing a home purchase. Whether they are the first time buyer or a long time real estate investor. Hopefully, it will provide some insight and guide home buyers toou the program alternative that can make their dream of home ownership a reality.

The consumer can benefit from a fuller understanding of loan programs that would allow them fto buy that perfect home at a more affordable cost. By learning about lending products that span no-money VA or USDA down to a larger down payment, the home buyer becomes better educated home owner. I will, for example, compare a 1% down, Fannie Mae conventional loan, with a bit higher interest rate, and the FHA 3.5% down payment loan, with bit lower interest rate and demostrate why the government loan may not be a better deal. The lower down payment can allow the home buyer, to purchase a more expensive home or one in a better neighborhood for same or less money down than going with FHA. Click Here or on the on the links above and explore the loan products and the assistance programs currently available to the home buyer. A few minutes of review can create a successful home buying experience and perhaps save you thousands of dollars. You will find under "Mortgage Products" the various loan programs for both purchase and refinance. With further links to specific programs, If you need tips on improving FICO scores and explaination of the new Data Trend credit evaluation. How this new Fannie Mae 2 year credit card payment history can help or hurt you in the approval process. The "Government Programs" discuss how to utilize these specialized programs. I provided links to various related government web pages where you can apply for grants and learn about other local support for the first time home buyer. The "For Real Estate Agents" has to do specifically with how the CA Mortgage Advisor can provide marketing support to you,and referral for the real estate agent. "For Home Buyer" provides you lots of detailed information on how be successful in securing a home mortgage. Suggest programs that can SAVE a lort of money in down payment, interest rates, mortgage insurance and other costs.

California Mortgage Advisor, believes that when the home buyer has better understanding of entire home buying process they have a better lending experience. By providing knowledge and insights concerning available lending products and specific assitance programs should help the home buyer, and assits the real estate agent to be a better informed service provider to his/her home buyer. Having knowledge of loan programs could create an opportunites to write an offer that would not otherwise work and/or save a deal. Understanding the programs, credit requirements provides you, the buyer with options that can make the difference in being approved or not. I believe in giving the buyer and the real estate agemt a positive home purchase experience, which brings referrals and returning customers. The home buyer will ,hopefully, gain the knowledge and insight to imagine what is possible, and how to get the best deal, saving money and getting that dream home.

I believe the better educated the client, the easier it is for real estate agent, and loan officer to serve their clients. The buyer gets the home they want and with a faster the close. So, whether your buying a jumbo property for $4,000,000.00 or a fixer-upper, starter home for under $200,000.00 there are programs available that can save you money, and provide needed rpairs. Which all makes for happier buyers and sales agents and faster closings. I am here to make the home buying experience as painless as possible, and guide the borrower through complex programs, and guidelines. I am open to answer questions, provide advice and to provide a positive home buying experience. As your personal loan officer and mortgage program expert, I am always here for you!



Our home loan borrowers come back for great rates and great service! Here is what the Gregory and Elizabeth H. have to say:

"We've worked with Jaren since 2003, and he has belped us and our family members get through the mortgage process many times.

He is very well versed in the mortgage process, and is very patient. He is by far the best broker we've have ever worked with, and always has his customers well being at the forefront of all that he does. To this day anytime, I have a mortgage question I ask Jaren.

I had him help my parents, and my children in financing their properties as well. Anytime any of my friends took to financing I send them to Jaren. Hands down I do not think there is a better mortgage broker than Jaren Dahlstrom."

Gregory and Elizabeth H., Lathrop, CA

Great home loans no matter where you live in California, Jaren Dahlstrom has an outstanding home purchase and refinace rates and great personal service! Call him today at 510.215.1743 or click on "Get Qualified in a Bink" below!

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The HARP Program
Under Water on your home mortgage, take a look at this Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Program that can lower interest rates, reduce the term or go from adjustable to a fixed-rate mortgage and it may just save your home from foreclosure!!!!

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2018- 2019 High Cost CA Counties!

Conforming loan limits went up Nov. 28th. to $726,525, FHA remains for now at $679,650.00 for High Cost Counties and $453,100 for non-high cost counties, also the floor as well as the ceiling has been raised by The Federal Housing Administration (non-FHA, conventional loans). The floor is now $484,350 in non-high cost counties. See High Cost Counties Chart for the up dated max. loan amounts for the high cost counties. Click Here!

Please read: Jaren Dahlstrom, the CA Mortgage Advisor designed this site's content to be educational and is not intended to be either a solicitation to borrow or an offer to lend. Any and all rates, terms or loan programs listed on this website are only examples what wrere available to homebuyers and those looking for a refinance. Rates, terms and programs listed are meant for educational purposes ONLY and are subject to change without notice and probably NOT currently available. Interest rates change daily and your rate will propably be different. Jaren will be pleased to provide you with most current rate and program details upon request. He will work hard to find the best loan program and the lowest rate you are qualified for. He will walk you through and the explain loan programs and terms, answer all of your questions, and take your application or you can "Get Qualified in Blink" by clicking on the red button below. He will work hard to get you approved and provide a complete disclosures package, lock the rate you qualified for, take you right up to loan closing and after.

If you desire further assistance and your personal guide through complexies of the lending process, either click on the "Get Qualified In a Blink" the red button, our online qualifier, it is fast, safe and secure, or call Jaren, directly. He will can you qualified, expertly review mortgage programs, guide you through the home purchase process, explain how rates are determined. He will work with you to fit your home loan to your exact needs. Jaren Dahlstrom, the CA Mortgage Advisor, is your CA BRE licensed mortgage expert. He will provide knowlegeable guidence in securing a home purchase loan or refinance. Rest assured he will find you the best home loan at a low rate. There is never an obligation! Hopefully, you will find the site helpful.

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Loan Officer and Broker Information: CA BRE Licence and NMLS certification is available below and at the bottom of each page of this website.


Do You Rent?

Tired of Paying Your Landlord?

You Can Buy Your Dream Home With Less than 2 Month's Rent As A Down Payment and Just $2,053.00* Per Month Payment!



 *Disclosure for TIRED Of RENTING flyer example to the left: $325,000 purchase! With ONLY $9,750.00 down just 3.0% down!

The principal and interest on $315,250 30 year Fixed Rate Loan at 4.125% and 97% loan-to-value (LTV) $9.750 3% down pYMENT. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 4.294% and will change daily without notice. The principal and interest payment does not include taxes or insurance preimum will result in actual higher monthly payment and will vary with each loan see below..

*$2,053.00 Includes estimated taxes and insurance. The rent amount of $3,000 a month is based on average rent in SF Bay Area for 2 bedroom apt. in Oakland, S.F. and San Jose, according to Bay Area News Group 01/03/17.
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Warning Be Aware:

Home buyers are being defrauded by hackers who impersonate real estate professionals to steal your money! 
The FBI is reporting that several people have been defrauded during the home purchase process. These criminals hack into the emails of title companies, realtors, and/or lenders, and follow a home purchase transaction. At the right moment they send a fake email to buyer and request that they wire the down payment to an account that is NOT the actual escrow account for the home purchase. The following day these criminals follow-up with another email saying: "Thank you, the money has been recieved and we will see you Friday for the closing" or something similiar. When the buyer shows up at the appointed time, they learn that the Escrow Company never got the payment and the account was not the escrow company's. The funds have been transferred out of the bogus account the home buyer wired, and money is probably in an offshore account. The crooks are long gone and so is the home buyer's money. This fraud has occured in Boston and in Tampa and California. But this can happen anywhere, and to anyone! People have lost thousands of dollars, their entire life savings and their dream home as well!

Don't let it happen to YOU! Please, before you send any money confirm the transaction by calling your escrow company directly and confirm the account you are wireing any money with actual escrow officer assigned to your home purchase. Do NOT trust an email request! Phone or visit the esrow company and be sure you speak with your Escrow Officer directly to confrim any money transfers. Do NOT trust a phone number on the email request. Make sure you are calling your actual Escrow Officer and not the number on a email making a request. If you don't know your Escrow Officer, contact your realtor or your loan officer directly. Either person can confirm the escrow phone number, escrow company and the name of the escrow officer, the address of the company and their phone number. You can also avoid the problem by hand delivering the money to the escrow company in person with a cashier check. Your Escrow Officer will always provide you a reciept proving the payment was made.

Every person and company involved in a real estate transaction must be licensed by the State of California and registered with NMLS, a U.S. federal government agency. Make sure you know who you are dealing with and check with the BRE and confirm their professional standing. Don't rely on an email alone to where to send your money, know and call your escrow/title officer, confirm any money requests and be safe. Please, always report fraud to the CA BRE or the FBI.

Priviacy Statement: Any: personal information provided to CAMortgageAdvisor.com, Jaren Dahlstrom and California Lending Partners is not sold to anyone. We only share information with potential lenders in effort of to secure a home loan for the purpose to purchase or refinance a California Real Estate. Then, only after the proper releases and disclosure have been signed by our clients. We are covered by laws and regulations governing the lending industry by CA BRE, NMLS and the other federal and state agencies that are charged with regulating the buying, selling, and financing of real estate and particularly 1 to 4 units of residential property. These regulators govern how we collect and use personal information and it's protection. We protect your personal information and do not share it, except the lender(s) who provide the funding for the home purchase or refinace, and then only with the borrower's permission.

Broker Office: California Lending Partners - 4234 Haciend Dr. #110, Pleasanton, CA 94588

The information on this site is believed to be true and accurate. If you see errors please email Jaren Dahlstrom, the CA Mortgage Advisor, will make every effort to correct any incorrect statements. However, neither he nor California Lending Partners are liable for any errors or omissions. All efforts have been made to merge information on home loans, various home buying and assistance programs from many sources. I am making it available here as public service and we believe it to be accurate. It is always best to do your own research to confirm program availability, carefully read all disclosures and confirm licenses are current with DRE. Programs, rates and terms quoted can and will change without notice and we are not responsible for those changes. Any rates listed are to provide examples for educational purpose only and should not be taken as an offer to lend or a solication to borrow. Updates to this site will be made as the information is made available or we are made aware of the any changes. The individual lenders and the various governmental agencies are ultimately responsible for the guidelines and the lpan program's content. It is always best to do your own due diligenance, when you have questions about a specific program. Again, any examples that quote an interest rate or payment amount are made ONLY for educational purposes and are NOT an offer to lend, nor a solication to borrow. You need to know that interest rates change every day and sometimes several times a day, and a loan rate will always float unti it is locked and is subject to proper disclosures and term of the lock. If you are interested buying a home it is recommended that you protect your rights by using only a licensed CA BRE real estate agent and a loan officer/broker that are registered with NMLS and licensed by CA BRE/DRE. If you have questions regarding specific legal issues you should contact a real estate attoney, or for tax questions contact your tax accountant or tax attoney. We are neither and do not offer either tax or legal advice. It is suggested that if you need either tax or legal advive you contact your attorney or tax advisor. We are an equal opportuity lender follow all rules, laws and regulations as set down by CA BRE, the NMLS and other federal and state agencies governing the buying, selling, renting, and financing of CA real estate. Jaren Dahlstrom is a indivual 1099 contractor of CA Lending Partners, and this website is solely owned by Jaren Dahlstrom and operated by him, and has no other employees. License information can be found below and on each page of this website.
Copyright 2016 - 2019, Jaren Dahlstrom, All Rights Reserved -- Jaren Dahlstrom, Loan Officer, CA BRE 01358563, NMLS 237999 -- Broker: California Lendinging Partner/United Realty Partners BRE #02012818, NMLS #1525816

























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