Government Loan Programs

Are you interested in one of the Government Insured home loans or one of the other programs that are designed to aid the American home buyer to save money, when purchasing, renovating, or refinancing there home loans. These can be really great programs and also your local communities offer programs and loan assistance as well.


In these pages we will explore what is available from various government programs that either provide specific separate loan products like FHA or are a program that works with individual loan products to make home buying more affordable by offering more attractive interest rate or by reducing the down payment requirement or by providing a grant to help with down payment costs.

There are a variety of government loan programs that are designed to assist the home buyer secure a home loan. We are pretty much all familiar with FHA and VA home loans. However, there are other Federal and State of California loans and assistance programs as well, please visit the links to the left. Again, I and my broker are licensed in CA . So, I can discuss programs that are available only in California. There are community programs that are limited to and only available at the county or city level, and those are beyond the scope of this website. You can inquire directly with your local housing authorities and discuss if and how to qualify for those community specific programs. These often have limited funding, may not always be available and may or may not be available in area in which you wish to buy.

For State of California programs are available and they include CalFHA and other assisantce programs including "Good Neightbor Programs" for Teachers, Police and Fire Government Employees, state, county and local. Click Here , for "CalFHA" - Click Here , other Loan Assistance Programs - Click Here.




The HARP Program
Under Water on your home mortgage, take a look at this Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Program that can lower interest rates, reduce the term or go from adjustable to a fixed-rate mortgage and it may just save your home from foreclosure!!!!

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Federal Governement Home Loan Programs!

FHA - 3.5% Down Payment

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 VA - No Down Payment

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 USDA - No Down Payment

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 Reverse Mortgages - For 62 year old plus

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You may not be aware of a "Zero Down Payment" Federal program that was created 1991 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Which began offering home loans designed to encourage development and promote growth of the economies within the rural areas and throughout the United Sates. USDA loans were created to make rural properties more affordable for home buyers to purchase land and homes. The metropolitan, most densely populated urban areas are not within the eligible loan areas. However, you might be surprised how close the eligible areas are to the larger and densely populated urban areas across the state. Many smaller cities within California do qualify for example Napa or Sonoma in Northern part of the sate. There are income and other specific guidelines, if you want to learn more click on the USDA link to your left.

As you explore these government programs and loans there are programs that are available to everyone and others are limited by income or civil servants like police, fire fighters, or school teachers and other like Reverse Mortgages refinance are limited by age and equity in the home, and others have minimum FICO requirements. Please review each and take advantage of those programs that fall within your individual situation. I have provided links to the government agencies where you can get more detailed information about these loans and assistance programs. I am also available if you questions or are interested to applying for one or more of these programs. Contact me at the link above or give me call at the provided on the Contact Page.

You should check out the Niche Programs, as well as the other of programs in the various Government Program covered on left side bar. You might find MORTGAGE CREDIT (MCC) PROGRAM in Down Payment Assistance Programs intersting. It allows a first time buyer to qualify for maximum $2,000.00 1st. mortgage credit on your Federal Income Tax. That's a credit and is in addition to your regular mortgage deductions. You will find details at the Assistance Program page.





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