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Become one of our Preferred Real Estate Agents. How does that help you? Well how often have you made an offer on properties for a "wanna-be" home buyer, who has "Pre-approval Letter", but in the end failed to qualify for the loan? It seems their loan officer, missed something or a glich came up a week or two prior to closing, which killed your deal! This doesn't happen when you are a CA Mortgage Advisor "Preferred Real Estate Agent". We save you time, money and you get your clients prepared, knowledgeable and qualified to buy a home. Some clients need a lot of help, some don't. In the end we work with them until they are ready to buy! Which could in a few days or take several months. When we say they are qualified, they are!

Below are examples of the Open House Flyers, that are available to you FREE! You just provide the photos of the home, and your specific marketing information for the property to go on your primary branded side and get an exciting loan program on the 2nd side. It is provided to you as a PDF ready for you to print. Sign-up for the Preferred Real Estate Program click here.


I  would like to thank you for visiting my website, hopefully you will find it informative. How many potenial home buyers do you meet from referrals, a open house or from advertising in a month? These potential buyers often come with a pre-approval letters issured by an online lender who has not actually pulled or looked at their credit report, income tax returns, or an accurate list of assets. It is not suprising, why many of these potential buyers can not really qualify for the home they think they want to buy. What would it be worth if you had a company to screen those potential buyers and worked with them until they are ready to buy a home with you? As your lender partner in home purchases, we offer this service at no cost. to our preferred real estate agents. We work closely with the home buyers to make sure they qualify to not only make an offer, and most importantly close on that home purchase. My system helps the home buyer evaluate their ability to actually be qualified and to buy and to find a path to sucessfull home ownership. I make sure their credit is in place, a suitable loan program fits their credit profile, income, and asset meet lender requirements. You get fully qualified home buyer s ready to close. All you need do is find a home that works for these "preferred" qualified buyers. Our screening process "weeds out" those who don't qualify. This saves you time and money. You are assured that people we work with are turned from portential home buyers into a happy home owners. You will know that you are spending your valuable time with a buyer and not with a also ran. This program is ONLY available to our Preferred Real Estate Agents. Please know, I have your interest at heart with deals that close fast . The way that happens is by working to assure credit worthly applicants, having the loan programs custom fit to the buyer, and low interest rates from a broad selection of lenders. Which allow areclients to quickly move through the lending process and close your deals fast.

We also offer free Open House marketing materials and to our Preferred Real Estate Agents! We also provide you with Open House Flyers, co-branded with your name, you listing's information, and photos. Sent directly to your email as a PDF, FREE abd ready to print! Just rapply as a preferred realtor by clicking on the red link below and provide your Contact Information. As a preferred real estate agent, I am pleased to provide free marketing materials. I am happy to refer my well qualified screened borrowers, to my preferred agents, with the hope you would do the same.

You and your clients are always invited to call for loan advice, questions about special assistance program and for loan approvals. I working closely with real estate agents, providing open communication at every stage of the process here to develop long term relationship that you can trust. I am pro-active with quick pre-qualifications, fast loan approvals and speedy closings. Our brokerage is approved with a full range of lenders and with a broad spectrum of home buying options.
Please know you are invited to call me, whenever you have a question concerning a home loan or loan product that you need that might work for your client, even it does not result in a referral. I am here for you and your clients. Whether it is a problem of low down payment, or an issue with a FICO score, or if your client wants do take advantage of a VA or USDA program,. Just let me know, how I can help.

Your savvy buyers are looking to save cash, you will be able to offer programs that can not only provide great rates, save on monthly payments. I can even provide 3% equity at close with only 1% down, that right they gret 2% equity from day their first day of owning their dream home and no mortgage insurance. Perhaps you need to qualify buyer without the condo questionnaire. I can provide fast and easy condominium approvals with a l limited review process on primary residence at 90% LTV or second home with 75%. Does your client need a 100% Gift Funds, on a 97% conventional loan and no mortgage insurance. These programs makes you more money by putting your clients in a larger home. So if your client needs flexible payment options, or lower down payments. I have a program that can save cash for other investments or expense. All you need to do is give me a call and you can be the hero by saving your clients cash, and get them really great interest rates. I am here you and your clients!

What is a Preferred Real Estate Agent?

It is you! I want to be your home loan expert, someone who will work with people to turn them into home buyers. I want to provide the mortgage information your home buyers need. I also want to be the resource where you can come for FREE open house flyers! With all your listing information on one side, just the way you want it, and an exciting loan program on the reverse side that could trigger an offer on your listing or provide a viable option for a marginal home buyer. I often have clients asking me to refer an real estate agent they can trust. I only refer prefered real agent to my pre-screened, approved buyers. With the hope that you will do the same when your clients need a loan officer or those that need to be worked with to get approved. I will also email a periodic news updating you with important changes regarding home lending, including new regulations, programs and how these chnges could effect you as a real estate agent.

So think what it worth for you to have a company that works your clients to prepare them to buy with you! As a CA Mortgage Advisor's Preferred Real Estate Agent, these services are available to you FREE. Why not provide some basic information on the contact form or call me, what do you have to loose? Let us partner in your sucess! Just call or use the handy email form. Let's tallk and take a few minutes to begin a profitable relationship.

CA Mortgage Advisors can make you a hero!

By having Jaren Dahlstrom provide the home financing your home buyer can save on Mortgage Insurance!

On top of the money saved for your home buyer, you will also SAVE 3 to 7 days on eliminating the 2nd underwrite with our instant MI! Making for faster close! With interest rates on the rise our BPMI can make the difference and the bigger the home purchase the more the savings!

Have your home buyers call today!


Also, up to $525.00 credit back at the close of escrow on the appraisal on conventional mortgages until Dec. 31, 2018! CA Mortgage Advisor saves your home buyers a lot of money! I appreciate referals!


To Learn More About Being A Preferred Real Estate Agent - E-mail or call Jaren directly at 510.215.1743. We do loans through out California so whether your in Eureka or in San Dieago we want to be your choice for your home buyers!

Get notified when exciting new home loan programs come along, important changes in mortgage market and mortgage trends and products that could be import to you and your home buyers! Sign-up today as a Preferred Real Estate Agent!

Get a FREE 9 page Home Price Evaluation!

Contact Jaren and he will run a estimate of value on a home you want to list or provide a buyer an un-bias price evaluation with recent comparibles and value forcasts and much more. Just call Jaren and he will run it an get back to you the same day with a complete report! This is not an appraisal, but the lending industry believes it is very accurate. To learn more:

Call Jaren at: 510.215.1743 or email:



Sample of Co-branded flyer:

Save More Than $900 A Month In Rent
When You Buy! Is one any number of flyers available for you and your home buyers!

Disclosure for TIRED Of RENTING flyer directly above:
The principal and interest on $315,250 30 year term, Fixed Rate Loan at 4.125% and 97% loan-to-value (LTV) $1,527.86 with 2% (up to a maximun $5,000.00) paid by lender at closing. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 4.294%. Rate subject to change dailey and your rate will probably be dfferent. The principal and interest payment does not include taxes or insurance premiums will result in actual higher monthly payment will vary with each loan. Rates can and will change without notice.

*Includes estimated taxes and insurance. Based on $2,500.00 rent in many areas of California.


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On the left are two samples of the FREE Co-branded Open House Flayers available as Preferred Real Estate Agent! Two formatts available, see below.

You choose the formatt you wish "A" or "B", then provide copy: Title Line 1, 2and 3 (bulleted items), sales copy block , up to 8 bullet points and a home description along with name, company name and contact information. E-mail Jaren the copy and the photographs 3 or 4 house photos, and your photo. He will do the rest and you will be e-mailed a PDF in about a 7 to 10 business days, at no-cost. It is simple, easy and is something we do for our preferred real estate agents!

Send copy and jpg photos with number placement and need by date to: Jaren Dahlstrom, The CA Mortgage Advisor at or sign-up page see link below.


We have over 20 titles for open house flyers here are judt a few: Use Gift Funds, As Little as 3% Down, Tired of Renting, 6 Things Not to Do, Close in 23 Day!, Jumbo Elite Home Loans and many more. If you contact Jaren for a full list of titles or discuss your flyer needs!

Just email Jaren at:

What Our Clients Think!

My clients like us for great rates, however they come back, because of our great service. We really appreciate realtor referrals, and also refer our clients to our Preferred Agents when they need a RE Agent! Here is what our buyers think of us:


"My wife and I strongly endorse and recommend Jaren Dahlstrom, for your real estate needs. Five years ago, he helped us in acquiring our house, and two years latter assited us in lowering our mortgagepayment. His is an expert, honest, trustworthy, and meticulous in securing purchase and refinance home mortgages and it will benefit anyone looking for home financing."

Alberto and Eugenia L., San Pablo, CA



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