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Are you veteran? You could qualify for no-down payment home loan! This page explains what you will need to qualify. If you have questions call me. I will try to help.

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 Are You A Vetran?

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The VA Home Loans help Veterans, Service Members, and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners. The Veterans Administration provides a home loan guaranty benefit and other housing-related programs to help the Veteran and their family buy, build, repair, retain or adapt a home for your own personal occupancy. As one way for the American people to honor the service of our Veterans. These loans are provided by private lenders, these banks and mortgage lenders receive a guarantees for a portion of the loan, allowing the lender provide you, the Veteran, with more favorable terms.

Eligibility Requirements: The requirements are based on your length of service, duty status and character of service all determine whether you will qualify for specific loan benefits. You apply through your bank or mortgage lender and you must have satisfactory credit, a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and sufficient income to make the monthly PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance) for either a purchase or refinance loan (cash-out or rate-rate-and-term). For owner-occupied only homes for you and your family as a veteran or active duty service members.

Types of VA Loans:

Purchase and Cash-Out Refinance as described above.

Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) is a VA to VA loan, which can only be done if you have an existing VA-guaranteed loan on your property and is generally done to reduce the interest rate and reduce your monthly payment on the existing VA loan.

Native American Direct Loan (NADL): This loan is designed to help Native American Veteran purchase, construct, improve or refinance a home on Native Americans trust lands. These loans require that your tribal organization to participate in the direct VA loan program. The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) must be valid and in place and make sure your tribal organization participates with the VA.

Adapted Housing Grants: The Veterans Administration aids Veterans with specific total and permanent disabilities related to the Veteran's related to your military service obtain suitable housing with Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) or Special Housing Adaptation Grant (SHA).

SHA Grants help Veterans with certain service-connected disabilities live independently in a barrier-free environment. This grant can be used to:

1. Adapt an existing home the Veterans or family member already owns in which the Veteran lives.

2. Adapt a home the Veteran or family member intends to purchase in which Veteran will live.

3. Help a Veteran purchase a home already adapted in which to live.

4. Construct a specially adapted home on land to be acquired.

5. Build a home on land already owned if it is suitable for the Veteran to live.

6. Apply the grant against unpaid principal mortgage balance of an adapted home already acquired without the assistance of a VA grant. specially adapted housing Veteran will live.

To learn more about the specific service-connected disabilities that will allow you as a disable Veteran to qualify for these grant. Visit the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs website learn more the eligibility requirements:


If you are a Veteran or serving member of the U.S Armed Forces living in California, CalVet may be an option as well. They offer competitive interest rates home loans and down payment assistance. Qualified home buyers can have access to loan amount s to $521,250. However, higher amounts are available if you are in one of VA California's High Cost Counties up to $625,000 depending on the county you wish to buy. Eligibility will vary depending on time of service and in war or peace time and which dates, etc. Please contact the Cal Vet website for more details: and click on the housing link.

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